Our Team

Mikkel Jansen is recognized as a preeminent rabbit expert, whose passion for and knowledge of rabbits has made him a beloved figure among rabbit enthusiasts worldwide. Mikkel’s journey into the world of rabbits began in his childhood, sparked by a fascination with these complex and endearing creatures. Over the years, his casual interest transformed into a profound commitment to understanding and sharing the nuances of rabbit care, behavior, and welfare.

Mikkel’s expertise is built on a foundation of extensive research, hands-on experience, and collaboration with a wide network of veterinarians, rabbit breeders, and fellow rabbit owners. His approach to rabbit care is holistic, emphasizing not just the physical health of rabbits but their emotional well-being and happiness as well.

How Mikkel Can Help:

  • Navigating Rabbit Breeds and Characteristics: Mikkel’s deep appreciation for the diversity among rabbit breeds is evident in his detailed profiles and guides. He provides valuable insights into choosing the right rabbit breed based on personality, care needs, and lifestyle compatibility.
  • Mastering Proper Rabbit Nutrition: Understanding the critical role of nutrition in a rabbit’s health, Mikkel offers practical advice on formulating a balanced diet. His recommendations on hay, fresh vegetables, and the judicious use of pellets help ensure that rabbits enjoy both nourishment and variety in their meals.
  • Designing the Ideal Rabbit Habitat: With a creative and thoughtful approach to habitat design, Mikkel guides readers through setting up safe, stimulating, and comfortable living spaces for their rabbits, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Ensuring Rabbit Health and Wellness: Mikkel’s commitment to rabbit health is reflected in his comprehensive coverage of common health issues, preventive care practices, and tips for recognizing early signs of illness. He advocates for regular veterinary care and informed, proactive health management.
  • Deciphering Rabbit Behavior: One of Mikkel’s greatest strengths is his ability to interpret and explain rabbit behavior. He helps rabbit owners understand their pets’ body language and behaviors, fostering deeper bonds and more harmonious relationships between rabbits and their humans.

Mikkel’s work is characterized by a genuine love for rabbits and a dedication to improving their lives through education and advocacy. He is a staunch believer in the importance of informed, compassionate rabbit ownership, and he works tirelessly to share his knowledge with a global audience.

For those seeking to learn more about rabbits, whether they are prospective owners, new to rabbit care, or looking to deepen their understanding of these fascinating animals, Mikkel Jansen offers a treasure trove of information, advice, and support. His expertise and passion make him an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the world of rabbits.

Email: mikkel@outofhatrabbit.com